Koufax Topps 55 As it marks its 60th anniversary of producing baseball cards, Topps is asking fans to vote for their favorite cards of the last 60 years. Among the nominees are three cards for Hall of Fame pitcher, and Jewish baseball fan favorite, Sandy Koufax.

From a Topps news release about the voting process:

Koufax Topps 56"For 60 years, Topps has offered its collectors the best baseball cards in the world and now, the question will finally be addressed: What is the most popular Topps baseball card of all-time? Today, The Topps Company, the leading creator and marketer of sports cards and the official baseball card company of Major League Baseball®, announced the company’s plans to let collectors answer that question in its efforts to determine the top 60 cards in its illustrious history. 


Koufax Topps 57 To celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary, beginning today, fans will have the chance to go to http://vote.topps.com to vote for their favorite Topps baseball cards of all-time. Voting will be live for 30 days.  Based on the opinions of avid card collectors and Topps fans, the cards will be counted down from number 60 beginning on December 18 through February 15 when the greatest baseball card in Topps history will be revealed."

The three Koufax cards included for consideration in the voting are the lefty's 1955, 1956 and 1957 issues.

I'm partial to horizontal designs, and my favorite of the three options is the 1956 card, which combines a beautiful portrait and action shot of Koufax.

What's your favorite? Vote for Sandy, or others, at http://vote.topps.com.