Adam Greenberg OneAtBat SGA Poster

Adam Greenberg One At Bat SGA Poster.
Photo courtesy of the Miami Marlins/Instagram.
The first 15,000 fans entering Marlins Park on Tuesday, October 2, for the Miami Marlins' game against the Mets received a commemorative Adam Greenberg "One At Bat" poster, as reported in this previous posting on

The poster is similar to the one fans can download for free from, but includes the date and location of Adam's return to the Major Leagues.

Immediately following Greenberg's three-pitch strike out, attendees began selling the posters on eBay.

Prices are all over the board, with publicity about Greenberg's one at bat artificially inflating prices.

The posters were selling for between $0.99 and $25 at the time of this posting.

Several posters signed by Greenberg, and by Greenber and One At Bat's Matt Liston are also up for bid. Proceeds from the sale of these posters benefit the Sports Legacy Institute, a group that studies concussions and traumatic brain injuries in athletes. Greenberg donated his one day's pay from the Marlins to the organization. Prices for the autographed posters range from $15-45, as of this posting.

Some attendees are also selling ticket stubs from the game, either as single items, or bundled with the posters. 

Prices on the tickets range from $0.99 to $28.

I expect prices on both the tickets and posters will come down as the PR buzz fades.

Patient collectors may be able to save a buck or two in this way. 

Did you attend the game? Do you have a One At Bat poster or ticket stub from Adam's return to the Major Leagues in your Jewish baseball collection? Will you buy one?

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