Steve stone donruss greats Jewish Cy Young winner Steve Stone will be taking part in an upcoming signing with promoter Tom Orr, according to an ad in the May 28 issue of Sports Collectors Digest (page 46).

Cost is $22 + SASE for any item. Cy Young inscriptions cost $5; all other inscriptions add $10. Quantity discounts are available.

The signing will take place in Chicago on June 8; all items are due to the promoter on June 5.

Submit items to:

Tom Orr
5116 US Highway 67
Beardstown, IL 62618

Orr's promoter ratings on are unanimously positive. According to, Orr's email is

Stone has a wide variety of cards available. Despite his celebrity status among Jewish baseball collectors, and his pop culture fame achieved during his at-times-tumultuous career a Chicago radio and TV baseball color man, Stone's card prices remain reasonable.

Steve stone 1972 topps RC His 1972 Topps rookie card (pictured right) sells for $3 or less on Beckett. His other cards, which include Topps issues from 1973 through 19?? sell for $1 from many dealer on Beckett. Likewise, Stone's early '80s Donruss and Fleer cards.

Stone also has 2005 Donruss Greats (#79, pictured above) and Absolute Autographs (#193) autographed cards. These generally sell for less than $20 on eBay. One seller is offering a 1/1 Absolute card for a Buy It Now! price of $250 (beware, the listing includes no photo, although the seller does boast 100% positive feedback). Stone's autograph cards are readily available fro $20 or less from Beckett sellers.

Stone, of course, has a Jewish Major Leaguers card (#105 in the 2003 set), Among Stone's other, more unusual card offerings: Maryland Lottery cards, WGN Cubs Convention cards, Topps Stickers and Fleer stamps, Pacific Legends, Swell and HeroDeck cards, and a host of O-Pee-Chee issues for Canadian card aficionados. It is not my intention to provide a complete inventory of Stone's cards here. Check for a more complete checklist.

According to the SCD ad, Stone will not sign 1974 Topps Traded or
1976 SSPC cards. Does anyone know why not? Were players not compensated
for their images on these cards?

Steve stone book cover In addition to his pasteboard, Stone's collectibles include his two books: Where's Harry: Steve Stone Remembers 25 Years With Harry Caray and Teach Yourself To Win: Cy Young Award Winner Steve Stone Tells How To Make Success A Habit

As a player with a long career, Stone is also likely featured in various programs, scorecards, yearbooks, etc. Can anyone shed light on these collectibles?

Has anyone had luck with Stone in person or through-the-mail? Stone has not responded to my previous TTM requests, care of the White Sox radio station.