Ryan Braun PhotoFile

Jewish Major Leaguer and NL MVP Ryan Braun. Photo courtesy of PhotoFile.com.

Waukesha Sportscards
, a Wisconsin-based sports card shop and memorabilia dealer, will host a private signing with Jewish Major Leaguer Ryan Braun on September 10, 2012. The signing is being done in conjunction with Legends of the Field, the "exclusive Wisconsin distributor for authentic autographed Ryan Braun memorabilia" (click this link to read JewishSportsCollectibles.com's posting about Legends of the Field's June signing with Braun). 

The promotors are offering a variety of baseballs, bats, helmets, photos and artwork for purchase and signature. Jewish baseball collectors can also submit their own items to be autographed.

Prices range from $129-$189, depending on the item. Inscriptions cost $65 each. Specific pricing is available on Waukesha Sportscards web page and on Legends of the Field's site.

Collectors interested in participating in the private signing should call Waukesha Sportscards (262) 544-0959 or Legends of the Field at (262) 367-1300.


Ryan Braun Legends of the Field Private Signing

Ryan Braun autographing baseballs during a private signing session. Photo courtesy of Legends of the Field.

Jewish baseball collectors have access to thousands of Braun cards. These include minor and major league cards of all form and fashions, with dozens of limited edition, autograph and memorabilia card varieties (Beckett.com shows 2,700+ different cards for Braun).

There are also thousands of Braun cards and collectibles listed on eBay, and available for direct purchase in the Beckett.com MarketplaceAmazon.com, the MLB Photo Store and SportsIllustrated.com (Braun is featured on several SI covers, as detailed in this JewishSportsCollectibles.com posting).

These include cards; bobble heads and figurines; photos, posters and art work; jerseys; bats; tickets associated with notable games; programs, yearbooks and other ephemera; etc.


What Braun memorabilia should JewishSportsCollectibles.com readers know about? What Ryan Braun memorabilia do you have in your Jewish baseball collection?

Do you plan to buy anything from the upcoming Braun signing?

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