Ross newhan I recently contacted Baseball Hall of Fame J.G. Taylor Spink Award winning sportswriter Ross Newhan via Facebook.

Mr. Newhan is one of nine Jewish sportswriters to win the Spink Award. The others include Murray Chass, Hal Lebovitz, Jerome Holtzman, Milton Richman, Dick Young, Shirley Povich and Dan Daniels (I believe — please correct me if I am misstating the facts here!).

As many readers may know, Ross is also known in Jewish baseball circles because he is the father to "Son of Scribe," former JML David Newhan (who, while raised Jewish, now self-identifies as a messianic Jew).

While the elder Mr. Newhan did not accept my "friend request" via Facebook, he did respond to my email requesting an autograph. He provided me with his address, and agreed to sign a Signature Card. I mailed that several weeks ago, and received it back promptly. In replying to my initial request, Mr. Newhan also agreed to sign my copy of his book The Anaheim Angels: A Complete History. The personalized, inscribed and autographed book arrived in today's mail.

I've included photos of both of the recent acquisitions here, along with a card David signed for me through-the-mail (TTM), via the Astro's AAA club in 2008. All images, in addition to being included with this post, are included in the site's Signature Study Photo Album.

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Jeff newmanRyan newmanI'm pretty liberal in my interpretation of who's Jewish. I collect any baseball player with documented Jewish heritage, even if they were raised outside of the faith, converted or choose to self-identify as something other than Jewish. As such, I'm excited to add the first on/off-field father-son combination to my collection. I make the distinction because I also have a set of father-son on the field signed cards in my collection — Jeff and Ryan Newman (pictured to the left and right). Some day, I hope to be able to afford to have signed Hank and Steve
Greenberg items.

Does anyone else collect Jewish sportswriters? If so, who do you have in your collection?

Same questions for Jewish father-son combinations, any sport, either on or off the field?

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