As mentioned in a previous posting on, two Jewish players — Larry Sherry (1959) and Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax (1963 and 1965) — and a player who converted to Judaism after his career — Steve Yeager — won a total of four MVP trophies during the 55-year history of the World Series Most Valuable Player Award (which started in 1955). Interestingly, all three played for the Los Angeles Dodger when they captured the honors.

Today, offers a look at some of the Larry Sherry's collectibles. We'll examine the collectibles of Koufax and Yeager in other entries to be posted during the World Series.

Larry Sherry 1960 Topps Brother BatterySherry's cards include Topps issues each year from 1960 through 1968. The vintage cards almost all have beautiful designs, as is typical with the early Topps issues.

Particularly interesting to me are Sherry's 1960 Topps rookie (featuring a wonderful horizontal design, to which I'm extremely partial) and his 1961 "Brother Battery" card, which includes Larry and his brother/catcher, Norm Sherry.

The Sherry brothers were the only Jewish brother battery in baseball history, according to The Big Book of Jewish Baseball, and one of six pairs of Jewish brothers to make the Major Leagues. The other five, according to information found in the Jewish Major Leaguers baseball card set, are: Andy and Syd Cohen, Harry and Ike Danning, Erskine and Sam Mayer, and Jacob and Lipman Pike, and Lou and Harry Rosenberg.

Larry Sherry 1967 Bottle Cap Larry Sherry 1961 Topps Baseball StampsSherry is also featured on a number of regional and special issue cards and memorabilia. These include: the 1961 Bell Brand and 1961 Nu-Card Scoops Dodgers cards; 1961 Topps Stamps; 1962 Post Cereal LA Dodgers cards;  a 1965 Topps gold foil "embossed" card; a 1967 Detroit Tigers Coke and Fanta Orange soda bottle caps; and the 1980 TCMA 1959 Dodger commemorative card. Sherry is also featured in the Jewish Major Leaguers card set (2003, #88).

A 2008 TriStar card includes Sherry's clipped signature. This appears to be his only autograph card. offers a more complete checklist of Sherry's cardboard; the site lists 58 cards for the pitcher.

Sherry's standard issue cards sell for between $1-$15 in the Marketplace and on eBay, depending on condition. The TriStar autographed card sells for $10-25, and the regional and special issues vary in price widely. They tend to be reasonably priced, however, available for $30-$75 depending on the seller and condition.

Larry Sherry Wire PhotoCollectors can find a variety of autographed Larry Sherry memorabilia on eBay. This includes signed baseball and index cards, photos, baseballs and programs. Prices range from $10 to $250, depending on the item and condition. As always, buyer beware!

eBay is also chock full of vintage photographs of Sherry, including this wonderful wire photo of the pitcher celebrating his World Series win.

Several vintage Larry Sherry model (consumer) baseball gloves also appear on the auction giant.

Collectors looking to add Sherry memorabilia to their bookshelf have several options to choose from. Sherry is profiled in The Big Book of Jewish Baseball, Day by Day in Jewish Sports History, The Baseball Talmud: The Definitive Position-by-Position Ranking of Baseball's Chosen Players and Jews and Baseball: Volume 2, The Post-Greenberg Years, 1949-2008.

What Larry Sherry memorabilia do you have in your collection? Have I forgotten and important Sherry collectibles?

Did you ever have the chance to meet or correspond with Larry Sherry before his death in 2006? Do you own any Sherry autographed collectibles? What's your favorite piece?