Israel baseball team According to the team's Facebook page, the Israel National Baseball team has resumed play, with the goal of qualifying for the goal of winning the 2011 European qualifier and advance to Europe's "A" pool.

I've yet to see any collectibles associated with the team. At least one player, Dan Rothem, is a veteran of the Israel Baseball League — he won the league's MVP award, in fact. I need to verify, but he likely has a card in the sold-out IBL set produced by Jewish Major Leaguers.

As Martin no longer has IBL sets in stock, check eBay for second-hand sales of the cards (no cards were listed as of the time of this posting, but tickets from the IBL's lone season were selling for $17.50).

Surely, however, there must be other collectibles, too. Programs and tickets from the European tournaments come to mind. Anyone know of anything?

In answer to my own question … here's one piece of interesting memorabilia: the INBT itself. The squad, which "receives no government or outside funding for its activities," is offering financial supporters a chance to receive an official team uniform.

Anyone who donates — or who coordinates multiple donations — of $500+ "will be allocated an Israeli
Baseball Ambassador status and will receive official Ambassadorial
uniform and a gift from the Israeli National Baseball Team."

Want to donate? Click here to contribute. Be sure to write "Israel Association of Baseball – Senior National Team" in the comments field. If you donate, the team is also requesting that you email confirmation of you contribution to them (