Mica with Baseball DonationsGot Balz? is a film by PatchWorks Films' award winning documentarians Ken Schneider and Marcia Jarmel.

The movie follows the film makers' son, Mica, as he attempts to collect and donate baseball equipment to impoverished children in Cuba.

Why Cuba? That's where Mica's grandfather, Herb Schneider, sought refuge during World War II while escaping Austria and the Nazis.

Mica's seemingly simple Bar Mitzvah tsedakah project "gets thrown a curve ball" by America's economic embargo against Cuba. Got Balz? follows Mica's three-year quest to bring his project to fruition.

JewishSportsCollectibles.com readers can view a touching preview of the film below or watch it on Vimeo:

Got Balz? film trailer from Got Balz? Film on Vimeo.

Got Balz? has received substantial interest in the secular and Jewish media (for a selection of articles, visit the movie's online news links). The film makers, however, need additional funding to complete production of the documentary and gain wider distribution.

That leads to the opportunity for Jewish baseball enthusiasts to do good and build their memorabilia collections.

Got Balz? is participating in a 40-day-$40,000 online fundraiser, hosted by KickStarter.com, as reported by JewishBaseballNews.com.

As of this posting, 298 donors have contributed $33,089 to the film. The project will only be funded, however, if donors' pledges exceed $40K. According to KickStarter.com: donors pledge on the KickStarter web site, check out via Amazon.com, and, if a project isn't successfully funded, pay nothing.

Like a public television fundraiser, donors to Got Balz? will be receive thank you gifts for contributions at a variety of levels.

Donors have already claimed the limited number of "mensch" baseballs and the autographed copies of Jewish Major Leaguer Shawn Green's book, The Way of Baseball: Finding Stillness at 95 mph

A variety of recognition items remain, however. These include copies of the Got Balz? digital download and DVD, a Got Balls? t-shirt, a variety of baseball-themed artwork. Donors who pledge $144 can receive a baseball signed by Cleveland Indians great and MOT Al Rosen (eight remain as of this posting).

There's also a opportunity for people with deep pockets and dreams of IMDB immortality. Serious philanthropists, who support the film at higher funding levels, can claim Associate Producer status in the movie credits.

With just four days remaining for the film to raise approximately $7,000, I encourage JSC.com readers to visit Got Balz's page on KickStarter.com to donate to this worthy cause.