Steve Stone Topps Photo 1972

Steve Stone Topps Photo 1972. Photo courtesy of eBay.

The Topps Vault is offering 10 different vintage photo negatives of Jewish Cy Young Award winning pitcher and sportscaster Steve Stone for bid on eBay.

According to the description for the 1971 photo listing:

"All of these classic images were shot by official Topps photographers but, for reasons unknown, failed to make the cut, and thus, never appeared on a vintage Topps trading card. The original color transparency offered here measures approx. 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" and is in excellent condition. For authenticity, the official Topps serial numbered hologram is affixed onto the white reverse side backing board (see sample photo). Each vintage negative is encased in a clear lucite cardholder and comes with an official Topps Vault certificate of authenticity."

The phrase "classic images" is marketing-speak for "the photos show Stone with a funny hair do and wearing uniforms that define the disco era."

Steve Stone Topps photo 1977

Steve Stone Topps photo 1977. Photo courtesy of eBay.

Truely, it's a wonder that baseball survived the Afro and powder blue, wide-collar uniform era!

70s' style criticisms aside, Jewish baseball collectors can bid on the individual cards by clicking the links below:

All of the auctions carry a starting bid of $9.95, and are scheduled to end on the night of Thursday, April 11. 

Do you plan to bid on any of the photo negatives? Do you have any original photos or negatives in your Jewish baseball collection. Brag about your memorabilia to other readers by commenting below.