Siegel pitches to rays Justine Siegal represents a niche-within-a-niche for collectors.

The Jewish baseball player and coach has been getting lots of attention of late.

She is believed to be the first woman to pitch batting practice during Major League Baseball teams during Spring Training, as detailed recently on

While Siegal — who's right arm and gender have been generating curiosity and media buzz at every stop along her six-team Spring Training road trip (check out her blog, Justine's Baseball Journey, for details) — is no stranger to the diamond.

Nor is Siegal the first Jewish female to play or make her living in the game (see this post about the trio of Jewish women who played in the AAGPBL and Suzyn Waldman) — but I digress.

Siegal began playing baseball at age 13. Told by a coach that "girls don't play baseball," Siegal turned her determination to be part of America's past time into a lifelong passion and career.

She has coached and played baseball on 5 continents. In 2009, Siegal became the first woman to coach first base in men's professional baseball, "manning" the coaching box for the Brockton Rox of the independent CanAm League. This is in addition to her three years (2007-10) as an assistant baseball coach at Springfield College.

Siegal is a coach and technical commissioner for the International Baseball Federation. Her 12-and-under team, the Sparks, is the first all-girls' baseball team to compete at a national "boys" tournament and is the subject of the documentary, "The Girls of Summer."

She is also the founder and executive director of Baseball For All, an organization offering opportunities to girls in baseball.

Justine Siegal Siegal's many accomplishments mean Jewish baseball enthusiasts have growing opportunities to collect her memorabilia.

The Rox issued a coach card for Siegal as part of the 2009 team set. It is part of the Disabled American Veterans series, with a limited edition of 344. The card sells for $2-$3 on eBay.

I bought my Siegal Rox cards for a similar price from speciality MiLB dealer Minor League Singles. Other minor league card specialists likely also offer Siegal's cards for sale.

Ephemera enthusiasts might want to include Rox schedules, programs, ticket stubs, yearbooks or media guides (like this one, available on eBay) in their collections. similar opportunities also exist for collectors of team baseballs, jerseys, hats, etc.

While, no doubt, slightly more esoteric, similar opportunities probably exist for collectors industrious enough to ferret out memorabilia associated with Springfield College and the IBF.

Movie enthusiasts might be able to find memorabilia associated with Girls of Summer. My searches, however, yielded nothing on Amazon or eBay.

Sam Fuld and Justine Siegel There are also numerous photos of Siegal (like the one from, featured above) available from news outlets (you can easily search for these on Google Images) that covered her Spring Training exploits.

My personal favorite features Siegal with Rays hopeful and Jewish Major Leaguer Sam Fuld.

Siegal willing responded to my email, and maintains an active Facebook profile.

With her permission, I'm going to send Siegal several to autograph. I'm excited to (hopefully!) add Siegal to both my Jewish baseball and Women In Baseball collections. I'll update you on my efforts in a future posting.

Does anyone else have Siegal in their collections? If so, what is your favorite piece? If not, will you be adding her memorabilia to yours?