In his “Big League Stew” blog on Yahoo! Sports, Mike Oz, playfully mentions a set of 19 baseball cards featuring the central players in the Biogenesis PED scandal.

Included in the rogue’s gallery of images are cards depicting Jewish Major Leaguer and now-disgraced former MVP Ryan Braun and MLB Commissioner Bud Selig.

Ryan Braun Biogenesis card Yahoo
Bud Selig Biogenesis card Yahoo

Ryan Braun and Bud Selig Biogeneis “cards.” Photos courtesy of “Big League Stew.”

Oz writes: “You may not be able to find them in stores because we’re hearing they could be banned too.”

No such card set exists, unfortunately, according to a tweet from Oz in reply to a Twitter query from

Mike Oz tweet
Disappointed as I might be (the images of the “cards” look pretty cool!), I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

I think they Yahoo Biogenesis cards are an interesting, if slightly unfair, commemoration of this shameful chapter in baseball history.

Ryan Braun Biogenesis ACCO card

Ryan Braun Biogenesis ACCO card. Photo courtesy of

The Yahoo “cards” are not the only collectible available to Jewish baseball enthusiasts, if this type of thing is something you’d want among your memorabilia and card collection.

A quick search of eBay found an ACEO art card of Braun, stamped “GUILTY” across the front.

The back includes statistics that says: “Also cheated.”

What do you think of the cards? Fair play, or foul ball?

Let know by commenting below.