On April 6, 1973, Ron Blomberg – the former Jewish Major Leaguer and Israel Baseball League manager — became baseball's first designated hitter, according to Day By Day In Jewish Sports History.

Blomberg faced Luis Tiant of the Boston Red Sox in his first at bat, walking with the bases loaded. Blomberg would go 1-for-3 in the game, which the Yankees lost 15-5 to Boston.
Ron Blomberg Designated Hebrew

The distinction as the baseball's first DH is, arguably, the pinnacle of Blomberg's career, and certainly the highlight for which he is best known. The bat Blomberg used against Tiant is part of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, according to Wikipedia

Blomberg embraces the somewhat ignominious distinction, titling his autobiography Designated Hebrew

Blomberg memorabilia is plentiful, affording collectors lots of choices — both in terms of type and price point.

Blomberg is the subject of numerous cards, both vintage and modern issues, including Upper Deck's Yankees history and the Jewish Major Leaguers sets (Beckett.com offers a complete checklist).

Ron Blomber 2003 Upper Deck Yankees Ron Blomberg 1972 Topps Ron Blomberg 2001 Upper Deck Ron Blomberg JML

In addition to his autobiography, Blomberg's story is also featured prominently in the Jews & Baseball: Volume 2, The Big Book of Jewish Baseball, and The Baseball Talmud.

Movie collectors can find Blomberg featured in Holyland Hardball and Jews & Baseball: A Love Story.

Ron Blomberg Sports Illustrated coverBlomberg was also featured with Yankees teammate Bobby Mercer on the front cover of the July 2, 1973 issue of Sports Illustrated.

A frequent signer, Blomberg items — including signed and inscribed baseballs, photos, bats, jerseys and cards — are plentiful on Beckett.comeBay and Amazon.com. Collectors can also purchase memorabilia directly from Blomberg, via his website.

What "Designated Hebrew" memorabilia do you have in your Jewish baseball collection?