Joe Ginsberg 1959 Topps Former Jewish Major Leaguer Myron Nathan "Joe" Ginsberg is taking part in a upcoming private signing being staged by Unlimited Autographs in Tampa, Florida, according to an advertisement in the November 19 issue of Sports Collectors Digest.

Prices start at $14 for customers' cards. Signatures on customer flats and balls are $20. Autographs on customer bats, jerseys and equipment cost $35. Inscriptions run $5.

Collectors wishing to buy signed items from the promoter will pay $25 for signed photos; $45 for autographed, official MLB baseballs; and, $65 for signed bats

Mail in items for Ginsberg are due to Unlimited Autographs by November 29. Collectors with questions should call 815.520.9448, or email

Ginsberg played from 1948 through 1962 for the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox and New York Mets. His career highlights include catching one or Virgil Truck's no-hitters and being the starting catcher for the first game of the season with the 1962 expansion New York Mets. Ginsberg has a variety of memorabilia available for collectors.

Joe Ginsberg 1958 ToppsJoe Ginsberg Bowman 1954 His cards include Topps issues from 1952 through 1961 and a 2010 Topps Heritage autographed issue that bears the design of Ginsberg's 1961 pasteboard. Expect to pay between $1-10, depending on condition, for the earlier issues, and as much as $100 for the limited edition Topps modern issue.

His Bowman cards include beautiful 1953 (#6) and 1954 (#52) color cards

Among other Ginsberg issues include the 1979 TCMA Tigers (#52), 1975 TCMA Indians (#9), 1977 Boston Globe Red Sox (number unknown), 1983 Topps 1952 Reprint (#192), 1991 Crown Coke Orioles (#157), 1991 Orioles Stadium Give-Away card, and a 1991 Mets WIZ (#141). These regional and oddball issues generally sell for a few dollar, with the Topps Reprint single (the set is a limited issue collector favorite) commanding as much as $20 in top condition on Beckett Marketplace.

Ginsberg's Jewish Major Leaguers issues include: 2003 (#74), 2007 (#47 – "Historic Encounters"), and 2009 (#33, "Catchers of No-Hitters").

Joe Ginsberg 1952 Topps   Joe Ginsberg 1960 Topps  Joe Ginsberg 2009 JML  Joe Ginsberg 2010 Topps

An eBay search reveals more than 300 Ginsberg items. In addition to the above cards, collectors can bid on vintage and reprint photos. These sell for between $5 and $20.

Jews & Baseball Ginsberg is also featured in several books about Jewish baseball, including Jews & Baseball Volume 2 and Matzoh Balls and Baseballs.

I've had success through-the-mail with Ginsberg, who returned my cards signed in just a few weeks. Has anyone else had luck? What Ginsberg items do you have in your collection?