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Jewish World Series MVP Profile: Larry Sherry

As mentioned in a previous posting on JewishSportsCollectibles.com, two Jewish players -- Larry Sherry (1959) and Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax (1963 and 1965) -- and a player who converted to Judaism after his career -- Steve Yeager -- won a total of four MVP trophies during the 55-year history of the World Series Most Valuable Player Award (which started in 1955). Interestingly, all three played for the Los Angeles Dodger when they captured the honors.

Today, JSC.com offers a look at some of the Larry Sherry's collectibles. We'll examine the collectibles of Koufax and Yeager in other entries to be posted during the World Series.

Larry Sherry 1960 Topps Brother BatterySherry's cards include Topps issues each year from 1960 through 1968. The vintage cards almost all have beautiful designs, as is typical with the early Topps issues.

Particularly interesting to me are Sherry's 1960 Topps rookie (featuring a wonderful horizontal design, to which I'm extremely partial) and his 1961 "Brother Battery" card, which includes Larry and his brother/catcher, Norm Sherry.

The Sherry brothers were the only Jewish brother battery in baseball history, according to The Big Book of Jewish Baseball, and one of six pairs of Jewish brothers to make the Major Leagues. The other five, according to information found in the Jewish Major Leaguers baseball card set, are: Andy and Syd Cohen, Harry and Ike Danning, Erskine and Sam Mayer, and Jacob and Lipman Pike, and Lou and Harry Rosenberg.

Larry Sherry 1967 Bottle Cap Larry Sherry 1961 Topps Baseball StampsSherry is also featured on a number of regional and special issue cards and memorabilia. These include: the 1961 Bell Brand and 1961 Nu-Card Scoops Dodgers cards; 1961 Topps Stamps; 1962 Post Cereal LA Dodgers cards;  a 1965 Topps gold foil "embossed" card; a 1967 Detroit Tigers Coke and Fanta Orange soda bottle caps; and the 1980 TCMA 1959 Dodger commemorative card. Sherry is also featured in the Jewish Major Leaguers card set (2003, #88).

A 2008 TriStar card includes Sherry's clipped signature. This appears to be his only autograph card. Beckett.com offers a more complete checklist of Sherry's cardboard; the site lists 58 cards for the pitcher.

Sherry's standard issue cards sell for between $1-$15 in the Beckett.com Marketplace and on eBay, depending on condition. The TriStar autographed card sells for $10-25, and the regional and special issues vary in price widely. They tend to be reasonably priced, however, available for $30-$75 depending on the seller and condition.

Larry Sherry Wire PhotoCollectors can find a variety of autographed Larry Sherry memorabilia on eBay. This includes signed baseball and index cards, photos, baseballs and programs. Prices range from $10 to $250, depending on the item and condition. As always, buyer beware!

eBay is also chock full of vintage photographs of Sherry, including this wonderful wire photo of the pitcher celebrating his World Series win.

Several vintage Larry Sherry model (consumer) baseball gloves also appear on the auction giant.

Collectors looking to add Sherry memorabilia to their bookshelf have several options to choose from. Sherry is profiled in The Big Book of Jewish Baseball, Day by Day in Jewish Sports History, The Baseball Talmud: The Definitive Position-by-Position Ranking of Baseball's Chosen Players and Jews and Baseball: Volume 2, The Post-Greenberg Years, 1949-2008.

What Larry Sherry memorabilia do you have in your collection? Have I forgotten and important Sherry collectibles?

Did you ever have the chance to meet or correspond with Larry Sherry before his death in 2006? Do you own any Sherry autographed collectibles? What's your favorite piece?

Ryan Braun Latest MOT To Make SI Cover

Ryan Braun SI Cover Jewish Major Leaguer Ryan Braun is the latest MOT to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The Milwaukee Brewers star joins teammate Prince Fielder on the front page of the August 29 magazine.

This marks the second time the Brewers "Hebrew Hammer" has been on an SI cover. He was also featured on the magazine's March 31, 2008 issue.

Braun's cover means Jewish sports collectors who want to build a library of Sports Illustrated issues with MOTs on the cover can now have more than two dozen items on their shelves.

JewishSportsCollectibles.com featured a previous list of SI cover boys and girls when Duke hoops hero and MOT Jon Scheyer was featured on the front page of the vaunted magazine's April 10, 2010 issue.

I accidentally omitted several cover stars from that original list (thanks to the helpful reader who commented and corrected my mistake). Below then, is a (hopefully!) complete list of Jews on SI covers. Please note, this list includes athletes like David Beckham and Pete Sampras, who have Jewish heritage but may not themselves be practicing Jews.




 Koufax SI CoverRon Blomberg
July 2, 1973

Ryan Braun
August 29, 2011
March 31, 2008

Sandy Koufax
March 4, 1963
April 13, 1964
December 20, 1965
May 15, 1967
July 12, 1999
October 9, 2006

Al Rosen

April 18, 1955


Duke cover

Art Heyman

October 28, 1963

Ernie Grunfeld
February 9, 1976

Jon Scheyer
April 12, 2010

Jamila Wideman
March 17, 1997




Art Modell SI Cover
Lyle Alzado

July 8, 1991

Jay Fiedler
October 1, 2001

Art Modell
December 4, 1995 






Matthieu Schneider
June 14, 1993


David Beckham
July 16, 2007


Boris Becker
September 18, 1989

Pete Sampras
July 11, 1994
July 14, 1997
September 17, 1990

Olympic Sports

Mark Spitz 1972 SI Cover
Sarah Hughes

March 4, 2002

Mark Spitz
July 22, 1968
September 4, 1972

Suzy Weiner (with Mark Spitz)
May 14, 1973


Howard Cosell SI Cover
Charles Goren

Oct. 14, 1957
May 23, 1960

Bob and Bus Mosbacher (sailing)
May 18, 1959

Toots Shor (restaurateur)
July 27, 1959

Howard Cosell (sportscaster)
August 8, 1983

Bar Refeali (swimsuit model)
February 11, 2009


Did I miss any Jewish SI cover figures in this go 'round? Disagree with any of the listings? Let me know by commenting below.

Visit Sports Illustrated's Classic Cover Collection if you're interested in buying photo reproductions of any of the above Sports Illustrated covers. eBay is a good source for purchasing hard copies of SI back issues.

Upcoming Signing: Joe Ginsberg

Joe Ginsberg 1959 Topps Former Jewish Major Leaguer Myron Nathan "Joe" Ginsberg is taking part in a upcoming private signing being staged by Unlimited Autographs in Tampa, Florida, according to an advertisement in the November 19 issue of Sports Collectors Digest.

Prices start at $14 for customers' cards. Signatures on customer flats and balls are $20. Autographs on customer bats, jerseys and equipment cost $35. Inscriptions run $5.

Collectors wishing to buy signed items from the promoter will pay $25 for signed photos; $45 for autographed, official MLB baseballs; and, $65 for signed bats

Mail in items for Ginsberg are due to Unlimited Autographs by November 29. Collectors with questions should call 815.520.9448, or email mwunlimitedautographs@gmail.com.

Ginsberg played from 1948 through 1962 for the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox and New York Mets. His career highlights include catching one or Virgil Truck's no-hitters and being the starting catcher for the first game of the season with the 1962 expansion New York Mets. Ginsberg has a variety of memorabilia available for collectors.

Joe Ginsberg 1958 ToppsJoe Ginsberg Bowman 1954 His cards include Topps issues from 1952 through 1961 and a 2010 Topps Heritage autographed issue that bears the design of Ginsberg's 1961 pasteboard. Expect to pay between $1-10, depending on condition, for the earlier issues, and as much as $100 for the limited edition Topps modern issue.

His Bowman cards include beautiful 1953 (#6) and 1954 (#52) color cards

Among other Ginsberg issues include the 1979 TCMA Tigers (#52), 1975 TCMA Indians (#9), 1977 Boston Globe Red Sox (number unknown), 1983 Topps 1952 Reprint (#192), 1991 Crown Coke Orioles (#157), 1991 Orioles Stadium Give-Away card, and a 1991 Mets WIZ (#141). These regional and oddball issues generally sell for a few dollar, with the Topps Reprint single (the set is a limited issue collector favorite) commanding as much as $20 in top condition on Beckett Marketplace.

Ginsberg's Jewish Major Leaguers issues include: 2003 (#74), 2007 (#47 - "Historic Encounters"), and 2009 (#33, "Catchers of No-Hitters").

Joe Ginsberg 1952 Topps   Joe Ginsberg 1960 Topps  Joe Ginsberg 2009 JML  Joe Ginsberg 2010 Topps

An eBay search reveals more than 300 Ginsberg items. In addition to the above cards, collectors can bid on vintage and reprint photos. These sell for between $5 and $20.

Jews & Baseball Ginsberg is also featured in several books about Jewish baseball, including Jews & Baseball Volume 2 and Matzoh Balls and Baseballs.

I've had success through-the-mail with Ginsberg, who returned my cards signed in just a few weeks. Has anyone else had luck? What Ginsberg items do you have in your collection?

Topp Announces Ike Davis Rookie Redemption Card

Davis From a press release sent to me by Topps spokesperson Clay Luraschi ...

Ike Davis Is Finest Baseball Rookie Redemption # 2

Topps announces the player redeemable for the 2010 Topps Finest Baseball Rookie Redemption # 2 is New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis.  

Throughout the 2010 Major League Baseball season, Topps will announce the subjects for the 10-card Rookie Redemption set.  Each Master Box of Topps Finest includes one Rookie Redemption.  In addition, collectors can also find redemptions for Blue Refractors (#’d to 199) and Gold Refractors (#’d to 50) versions.

A quick search of eBay shows the cards selling for as much as $50.

Do you plan to add one to your collection?