Legends of the Hall Box Art When did a package design stopped you in your tracks?

For me, it happened just last week.

Browsing the shelves at my local card shop, a particularly beautiful display caught my eye.

The box for Historic Autographs 2011 "Legends of the Hall" issue features the image at right, a stunning depiction of a baseball game circa (to my estimation) the late 1800s.

The art was so fetching that I asked about the product. $100 (retail) would buy me a single card.

Lou Boudreau LOTHThis is no ordinary card, however.

Included in each box — guaranteed — is the PSA/DNA authenticated, slabbed, limited edition, autographed postcard plaque of one member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The rear of the box included the series checklist. $100 might have purchased me a HOF plaque signed by Jewish Hall of Famers Lou Boudreau (commence arguing: Is he? Isn't he?), Hank Greenberg or Sandy Koufax.

For me, the $100 was too much. For some, the thrill of the pull might justify the cash.

If you're interested in the cards, but don't want to pay full price, sellers are offering unopened boxes of Legends of the Hall on eBay for less than $100.

Collectors can also buy individual Legends of the Hall cards. I found a listing for the Lou Boudreau card on eBay for substantially below the retail price of the box. My search found no listings, though, for 2011 Greenberg or Koufax issues.

So, would you drop a Benjamin for the chance to own a Lou, Hank or a Sandy? Did you buy any of the 2010 Legends of the Hall cards?