Yankles_poster2 An interesting article from the Mormon Times about The Yankles, a 2009 movie by Zev and David R. Brooks about a rabbinic school baseball team, played by predominantly Mormon actors, that ran recently at both Jewish and Mormon film festivals.

From the article:

"This is a Jewish film made by Jewish producers out of Los Angeles. But it was made in Utah and has an abundance of Mormon actors playing Jewish roles, which apparently makes it eligible. One of them, Michael Bennett, who plays the head rabbi called it a "really good show."

"It's a wonderful — one of the best pieces I have ever been involved in," he said. "It's a feel-good film, everyone who sees it will love it. It deserves more than a mention."

Not only did it play in the LDS Film festival, it simultaneously played in Atlanta and the second largest Jewish film festival in the world.

… In the movie a former professional baseball player is studying to be a rabbi and wants to start a baseball team at the rabbinical school. The head rabbi encourages it, but Elliot, played by LDS actor Michael Buster, realizes he needs a coach the pull the then-hapless team together. "

I got a kick … and had to re-read the sentences … when the article referred to "gentiles" and meant non-Mormons, not non-Jews.

The trailer, embedded below, is a hoot.

Yankles cap Collectibles associated with the film exist, including publlicity photos, lobby posters ("In The Big Inning" reads the poster), sound track, etc. The movie's Web site even has a gift shop where you can buy official Yankles gear, including caps, with snap-on peyes and jerseys! I LOVE IT!

Has anyone seen the film? Does anyone have any memorabilia from it?