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More Ice: Trevor Smith

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Mea culpa!

I overlooked another member of the tribe who wanders the ice instead of the desert.

Ron Kaplan's end of season Jice ("Jews On Ice") update shows seven Jews saw ice time during the NHL regular season, not the six on whom I'd previously reported (read the original JSC JICE post and the update on Carter Camper and a Camper follow-up here).

Trevor SmithAs one who prefers my sports neat (that is to say, "no ice," a farsical way of confessing that I don't follow hockey, get it?), I had no idea that Tampa Bay Lightning center Trevor Smith appeared in 16 games, notching two goals and three assists during the 2011/2012 NHL season.

Trevor Smith Autographed Rookie CardSmith's collectibles include 22 different hockey cards, including O-Pee-Chee and Upper Deck base cards, autographed cards and limited, edition printing plate varieties, according to Only five of these are being sold in the Beckett Marketplace. Smith's base cards cost $2 or less. His autographed rookie card sells for about $12.

A smattering of Smith's minor league and professional cards are evailable on eBay for similar prices. Many of the listings, though, offer Smith as part of a "you pick 'em" lot.

Trevor Smith Champs Rookie CardFurther complicating a search for the Jewish hockey player is the commonality of Smith's surname. You can filter, as I did, for hockey cards produced since 2007 when searching for Trevor Smith's hockey cards on the auction giant's web site.

Searching in other subcategories in eBay's sports memorabilia directory proved harder. I came up with nothing concrete in the way of other Smith memorabilia. 

Smith has player since 2003, however. Certainly signed pucks, programs, yearbooks or his game-used uniforms must exist.

Do any Jewish hockey collectors who are readers have Smith's memorabilia in your man caves?

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More Jews on Ice

After posting a review of Jewish hockey players' collectibles on, I re-read the March/April issue of Jewish Sports Review.

Carter Camper Headshot
Seems I missed a note in the "Sports Shorts" section about Jewish hockey player Carter Camper.

Carter CamperCamper is an undrafted free agent playing in the Boston Bruins' system. On February 20th, Camper was called up to the NHL. He played in 3 games for the Bruins and scored his first goal before being sent back down to Providence Bruins in the AHL (hockey's minor leagues). Proof that ice melts quickly!

According to, Camper has several cards available to collectors, including a 2007-2007 issue from the Lincoln Stars team issue (#24) and traded version of the same card (#T18). A signed version of the card (Upper Deck Signature Series #6) is also available.

Unfortunately, no sellers in the Beckett Marketplace appear to be selling Camper's cardboard. Ditto for eBay.

I'm not much of a hockey fan, am I'm certainly not an expert on hockey collectibles. Do any JICE collectors know if Camper has other cards available, perhaps minor league team issues?

Certainly there are photos programs, yearbooks and game tickets associated with Camper's college (Miami, OH) and minor league hockey career.

Anyone know if any of Camper's signed pucks, game-worn uniforms or equipment have made their way into collections?

Let readers know by commenting below. 

Photos  courtesy of Bruins.

Jews on Ice

As March goes out like a lion in the winter that wasn't, it's natural that collectors' minds turn to spring, warmer weather ... and, naturally, ice hockey.

Capping off an otherwise forgettable season, the cellar-dwelling Columbus Blue Jackets hosted Jewish Heritage Night on Wednesday, March 28 during their game against the Detroit Red Wings.

This presents the perfect opportunity for to provide an overview of the collectibles associated with the men on skates who Ron Kaplan refers to as "JICE" -- that is "Jews on Ice."

The lansdmen who share the frozen water include:


Michael Brown

A winger who has played for the Vancouver Canucks, Anaheim Ducks and Toronto Maple Leafs during his short NHL career, Michael Brown has numerous cards available to Jewish hockey collectors. The problem is finding them, if you're shopping online.

Mike Brown RookieGiven the commonality of Brown's name, isolating his cards can be tough. Doubtless, lists Browns pasteboard, but isolating hockey's Mike Brown from any football player named Mike who played for the Cleveland Browns during the team's long history can prove daunting.

eBay, which allows shoppers to filter results by numerous attributes, may be the easier option. I found more than 200 possible results, although many of the items listed included multi-card and you-pick-your-cards lots. Your best bet (and best for small businesses!) may be to shop for Brown's pasteboard at your local sports card and collectibles shop.

Wherever you might buy them, Brown's cards include numerous rookie and standard issues, along with a few serial numbers, signed and memorabilia cards. These appear to be relatively common, selling for $1-$5, depending on condition. Brown's limited edition issues can fetch as much as $10-$12.

As a baseball fan and collector, I'm a bit out of my league when it comes to hockey. Perhaps readers can weigh in with a list of Brown's cards and other memorabilia? Comment below!

Michael Cammalleri

Michael Cammalleri Autograph lists more than 175 different cards for Michael Cammalleri. These include cards from all of the major manufacturers -- including Donruss, O-Pee-Chee, Pinnacle and Score -- including limited edition, memorabilia and autographed cards.

Cards in the Beckett Marketplace sell for between $0.25 and $40, for some of the center's limited edition rookie cards. Most of the more popular of Cammalleri's standard issue cardboard sells for $2-4 on eBay.

Michael Cammalleri Autograph FigurineIn addition to hockey cards, collectors can also find a 2009/2010 McFarlane Hockey figurine for Cammalleri. Both standard issue and autographed/serial numbered editions exist. Expect to pay $15-25 for the standard figurine and as much as $100-150 for the autographed edition on eBay.

A bevvy of Camalleri autographed and unsigned photos, signed pucks, sticks, jerseys and photos can be found on eBay for a wide range of prices (as always, buyer beware!).

There's even a plush toy and Fathead wall decoration for collectors who like to include JICE as a decor element.

What Camalleri items do you have in your collection?

Jeff Halpern

Jeff Halperin Memorabilia CardThere are nearly 300 different cards for Jeff Halpern listed on, including base cards, parallel issues, autograph, memorabilia and limited edition variety from all of the different manufacturers.

Jeff Halperin Signed Stick BladeStandard cards in the Beckett Marketplace and eBay sell for between $0.25 and $3. Haplern's less scarce memorabilia and autograph cards are available for $4-10, while graded and limited edition cards are available for $15-$50.

Collectors can also find Halpern autographed and unsigned photos, autographed pucks, sticks and jerseys can be found on eBay for a wide range of prices.

Halpern is also profiled in Jewish Sports Stars: Athletic Heroes Past and Present.  

Do you have a favorite Halpern item in your collection?

Eric Nystrom

Eric Nystrom Autograph CardCollectors can choose from nearly 200 different cards featuring Dallas Stars winger Eric Nystrom, according to Beckett. These include cards featuring Nystrom in his pee wee hockey and University of Michigan college uniforms, as well professional cardboard of all manner. Nystrom is well represented across all manufacturers, and has signature, memorabilia and limited edition cards available.

Eric Nystrom PuckNystrom's common cards can be found for $2 or less in the Beckett Marketplace and on eBay, while memorabilia cards generally command $10-20, and as much as $50 for extremely limited edition varieties.

eBay shoppers can find dozens of Nystrom autographed photos, pucks and jerseys (many of them team signed items), along with sticks and team logo merchandise. Standard eBay cautions apply when shopping for signed items. 

As a veteran player, certainly collectors can also find Nystrom in team programs and yearbooks. What other Nystrom memorabilia can you suggest?

Dylan Reese

Dylan Reese Jersey cardFor a player who has spent only parts of each of the last three seasons with Islanders, there are a surprising number of cards available to Jewish hockey enthusiasts seeking to add Dylan Reese to their collection. lists 41 different pieces of pasteboard for the defense man, including limited edition and serial numbered cards, memorabilia and autograph cards, and 1-of-1 printing plate variations.

Reese's signature and memorabilia cards are very reasonably priced on eBay, with sellers generally asking between $2-$10, with the same cards in the Beckett Marketplace fetching between $4-8. 

Dylan Reese JerseyIslanders team signed items, including Reese's autograph are readily available on eBay. Single signed-pieces, not as much. A recent search yielded only one signed puck and one autographed photo. There was, however, a Reese game worn, minor league sweater (i.e. - jersey) available for $500. As always on eBay, buyer beware. 

What other Reese memorabilia do you have?


As I mentioned above, I'm a lifelong baseball fan and Jewish baseball collector. So, I'm a bit out of my league when it comes to hockey.

What JICE hockey memorabilia do you have I overlooked? What's the best piece in your Jewish hockey collection?

Share your favorites in the comments below. If you email photos of your Jewish hockey memorabilia to, I'll be happy to publish them.