Chris Berman Pro Set
Chris Berman Pro Set
signed card. Photo
courtesy of Joshua Platt.

When collecting autographs through the mail, I have learned that good things can, sometimes, come to those who wait.

I sent a card to Kevin Youkilis during 2009 Spring Training, and received the signed card back in May of 2010, for example. Last week brought another example that there's truth to the maxim that "patience is a virtue."

Chris Berman The Swami1993 Upper Deck Chris Berman "The Swami" card. Photo courtesy of Joshua Platt.

Neil Keller's web site
 lists ESPN sportscaster Chris Berman's father as Jewish, and I'm a "big tent" collector, thus my desire to include Berman in my Jewish broadcasters collection.

Some time ago — its been at least a year or two, long enough ago that I've forgotten when — I mailed two cards to Berman care of ESPN.

An envelope with a Connecticut postmark arrived in the mail last week. I figured it was another minor league success, and didn't think much of it. Until I opened the mail and found two autographed and inscribed cards from the famed broadcaster of football, baseball and golf.

One was signed: "Josh – You could go all the way!! Chris Berman," and the other was signed "Josh – Best wishes! The Swami."

Berman's longevity with ESPN — and both his popularity among fans because of the goofy nicknames he offers players and esoteric calls he makes on highlights ("He's rumblin' bumblin', stumblin'!") and the vitrol this bombastic, overdone shtick can elicit among viewers – means he's the subject of a variety of memorabilia.

ESPN Ink Chris Berman
Chris Berman Upper
Deck ESPN Ink card.
Photo courtesy of eBay.

Berman is featured on more than a dozen sports cards, according to

These include a 1989 Pro Set card football announcers insert card, a 1992 Pro Line Portraits card, a 1993 Upper Deck card of "The Swami," an ESPN The Magazine issue, a 1997 Upper Deck promotional card, a 2004 Absolute Fans of The Game insert, and a 2005/2006 Upper Deck ESPN Ink autographed card.

Chris Berman Bobblehead
Chris Berman
Photo courtesy
of eBay.

The cards sell for between $0.25 and $3 in the Beckett Marketplace, and can be found on eBay and for similar prices, with autographed cards and rarer issues bringing as much as $75-$100.

Photos, baseballs and footballs, mini football helmets, hats and ESPN promotional materials signed by Berman are also available on eBay for a wide variety of prices. There's also a bobblehead of the famed sportscaster holding a football up for bid on the auction giant.

Collectors can, likewise, find Berman's autographed memorabilia — including signed photos, footballs, baseballs and cards on

Chris Names
by Chris Berman.
Photo courtesy

Berman is also the author and subject of numerous books available on Amazon.

These include Berman's ChrisNames: An Illustrated Guide to Chris Berman's Unique Characterizations of Sports PersonalitiesESPN SportsCentury, and ESPN 25: 25 Mind-Bending, Eye-Popping, Culture Morphing Years of Highlights.

Do you have any Berman memorabilia in your collection? What's your favorite piece? Let readers know your thoughts by commenting below.

Better still, what's your "Bermanism"? For the record, mine's "Jake 'Daylight Come And You Gotta Go' Delhomme."