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Adam Greenberg: One More At-Bat

Tonight, Adam Greenberg gets one more at bat! After his appearance with Team Israel in the WBC Qualifiers, the Miami Marlins signed the former Jewish Major Leaguer — who’s previous big league career consisted of being hit in the head by the first pitch he saw — to a one game contract. Greenberg has a variety of cards and memorabilia available to Jewish baseball collectors.

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Selig Marks 20 Years As Baseball’s Commissioner

September 10 marks the 20 anniversary of Allan H. “Bud” Selig’s election as the ninth commissioner of baseball. The Jewish baseball executive has a variety of memorabilia available to collectors.

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The Jewish Impact On ‘Moneyball’

The recent opening of Moneyball, the new Jonah Hill/Brad Pitt movie – based on the book by Michael Lewis, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game – got me thinking about baseball statistics. The chronicling and analysis of players’ on-field exploits has some decidedly Jewish roots and offers Jewish baseball fans a fascinating collecting niche.

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Ryan Braun Latest MOT To Make SI Cover

Ryan Braun appears on the cover of the August 29 Sports Illustrated. The Jewish Major Leaguer is the latest MOT to make the cover of SI. Check out the list of other Jewish athletes (and others) who’ve made the front page of the sports magazine.

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Sports’ Jewish Labor Leaders & Execs

The passing of Labor Day marks a fitting time to pay tribute to the union leaders and front office executives who have made — and continue to make — a significant impact on professional sports. Jewish sports collectors interested in adding memorabilia associated with the major sports’ labor leaders and management have limited, but varied, options.

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Texas Rangers’ World Series MOTs: Kinsler, Feldman, Greenberg

As the World Series gets underway, the Texas Rangers Members of the Tribe are in the spot light. They include 2B Ian Kinsler, pitcher Scott Feldman (a member of the Ranger’s 40-man, but not the active, roster), and owner Chuck Greenberg.

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