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Adam Greenberg: One More At-Bat

Tonight, Adam Greenberg gets one more at bat! After his appearance with Team Israel in the WBC Qualifiers, the Miami Marlins signed the former Jewish Major Leaguer — who’s previous big league career consisted of being hit in the head by the first pitch he saw — to a one game contract. Greenberg has a variety of cards and memorabilia available to Jewish baseball collectors.

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Adam Greenberg Added to Team Israel Roster

Adam Greenberg — the former Jewish Major Leaguer who’s big league career was limited to one pitch, which hit him in the head — was added to the Team Israel’s roster for the World Baseball Classic qualifiers. Despite — and possibly because of — the extreme brevity of his major league career, Greenberg has a range of baseball cards available to Jewish baseball collectors.

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Jewish World Series MVP Profile: Steve Yeager

In the third and final installment of the posting examining the cards and memorabilia of Jewish World Series MVP winners, provides a look at Steve Yeager’s collectibles, including the convert catcher’s tush.

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Collecting Justine Siegal, A Women’s Baseball Pioneer

Justine Siegal represents a niche-within-a-niche for Jewish baseball collectors. She’s the first female to pitch batting practice for Major League Baseball, and the first woman to coach first base for a professional team, with the Brockton Rox on the CanAm League. Opportunities exist, and are growing, to add Siegal’s memorabilia to your collection.

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