Elliott maddox As reported on The Great Rabbino, Jewish Baseball News and Kaplan's Korner, former JML Elliott Maddox will celebrate his bar mitzvah on Monday, August 9 at a youth sports camp in New Milford, PA.

Maddox will be joined at the ceremony by former New York Yankee teammate Ron "Designated Hebrew" Blomberg.

The ceremony is open only to campers, so deciding what to wear to the event is less a concern for JSC readers than coming up with the perfect gift.

So, what does one get the bar mitzvah boy with a penchant for baseball? We consulted the etiquette experts (your's truly, in my best Dear Abby/Emily Post mode), who offer the following suggestions:

Perhaps a set of Jewish Major Leaguers cards in which Maddox is featured?

A copy of the Boxerman's Jews And Baseball: Volume 2 or the Horvitz's Big Book of Jewish Baseball, in which he is profiled?

Maybe a signed copy of his buddy Ron's autobiography?

How about a gift certificate to the Beckett Marketplace or eBay, where he can buy his favorite player's cards, generally priced between $1-4, depending on brand, condition and year?

Or, $5, to include in a through-the-mail request for Elliott's signature (as you'll find out is required to get your card back signed, should you mail to Mr. Maddox, requesting his autograph on a baseball card).

In all seriousness, mazel tov, Elliott Maddox.

For readers seeking more information on Maddox's decision to convert, which he did in the midst of his playing days, be sure to check out the profile by Korner head honcho Ron Kaplan.