Aaron poreda 2010 It's snowing here in Ohio — again! — and I haven't mailed any cards yet to Spring Training attempting to get autographs.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I opened the mailbox last week and found a SASE bearing a signed Aaron Poreda 2008 Carolina League Top Prospects card, featuring Aaron in his Winston-Salem Warthogs uniform.

I mailed this card to Aaron last year c/o the White Sox, before his trade to San Diego. Although I knew Aaron to be a receptive through-the-mail (TTM) signer, I figured the card was lost to me.

 The signature is little more than "Aa P" and a upward line that represents the "d" in Poreda.

Aaron is not, it seems, "big leaguing" those requesting his signature.

The new arrival matches the autograph I received on a Signature Card that I received in September 2008, when I mailed to Birmingham, then Aaron's MiLB team. That example, shown here, is also part of the Signature Study photo album.

Aaron poreda Aaron is a proud Jew, and has been profiled in numerous articles. This includes a great article, "White Sox pitching prospect wears his chai outside his shirt," in the Jewish Chronicle by Jonathan Mayo. 

Has anyone else tried and had success with Aaron?