things do, indeed, come to those who wait.

detailed in a previous posting, I have mailed to Ryan Braun and Kevin
Youkilis each of the last several seasons. Usually this twice annual
exercise (Spring Training and regular season) proves fruitless.

figured the card I sent to Kevin Youkilis on February 17, 2009 via
Red Sox Spring Training was lost forever. Good thing I'd bought it
for $0.75 in the bargain box at my local card shop (One man's bargain
is another man's best card!).

luck changed this past Friday, however. I received in the mail an
envelope postmarked in Medford, MA. I opened the envelop, wondering
to myself, who did I mail to in MA?

Kevin youkilis More
than a year after I'd mailed it, I was thrilled to find enclosed a
2007 Topps Heritage Red Sox Kevin Youkilis card, pictured at right.

like the Heritage cards for their classic look, their bold colors,
and ability to be signed easily because of their matte finish.

card is, in my opinion, interesting, too, because it features Youk
without his goatee. The clean shaven look makes “The Greek God of
Walks” less intimidating and younger looking.

anyone else had luck through-the-mail with Youk? What's the longest
you've waited between mailing and receiving an autograph.

received several Scott Schoeneweis and Jason Marquis cards back last
year from a 2008 Spring Training mailing.