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Football "Are you ready for some football?"

The football season kicks off tonight, and there are 11 Jews and players with Jewish heritage -- many of whom have memorabilia available to collectors -- among the players on team rosters and suiting up on opening weekend.

Based on the September/October 2011 Jewish Sports Review (thanks Shel and Ephraim!) and previous lists of JFLers, which include those with direct Jewish heritage (talk amongst yourselves, but I'm taking a big tent approach!), this year's roster of Gridiron MOTs includes:

Among the 2010/2011 Jewish football players currently without a home, due to late roster cuts, are:

The-not-nearly-complete list of collectibles associated with each player who will start follows ...

Greg Camarillo
Greg Camarillo 2009 SP Authentics A six year veteran, Camarillio has more than 50 cards available, according to Beckett. These include standard issue 2008-2010 pasteboard from Score, Upper Deck and Topps, along with a bevy of signed cards.

Most of the wide receiver/punt returner's cards sell for under $5, with a few of the limited editions booking for as much as $10.

Signed photos of the Stanford grad, in both his college and pro uniforms, are available on eBay for between $10-25. Football programs (typically $10 or less) can also be found on the auction giant; they typically sell for $10 or less, depending on the opponent.


Gabe Carimi Gabe Carimi
The Wisconsin grad is, truly, a "monster of the Midway." The Bears first round pick stands 6'7" and weighs in at 312. As impressive as his size is Carimi's Jewish pride (check out this article from TheGreatRabbino; thanks, Rabbi!).

A highly-touted rookie, Carimi has three 2011 issues, including Topps (#213), Rookies & Stars (#190) and Panini Threads (#187). All sell for less than $2 on Beckett.

An eBay search yields the "Hebrew Bear's" 2011 Senior Bowl Card ($1.25) and a Badgers signed hat (~$35). What other Wisconsin memorabilia exists for Carimi?


Julian Edelman Julian Edelman
Beckett shows a nice selection of 2010 cards, ranging from $0.25-$3. These include: Score, #172; Prestige, #115; and, Topps, #325.

Edelman inserts and memorabilia cards include: 2009 SP; '09 Exquisite; '09 Playoff Contenders, #176. These sell for between $20-$200.

eBay offerings include replica Patriots jerseys ($69) and unsigned photos ($4-$6) of the WR in both his Kent State and Pats uniforms.

Antonio garay Antonio Garay
Still no cards -- yet -- for this former practice squad player (check out this terrific, feel good article about Garay from the San Diego Jewish World), according to Beckett. An eBay search yielded nothing. This is both a bummer -- and an opportunity -- for collectors. Does anyone have any Garay memorabilia in their collections?


Adam Goldberg Adam Goldberg
No cards for Goldberg, according to Beckett. A search for the lineman on eBay yielded little beyond an unsigned Vikings team photo and less than $50 practice jersey. What else do you know of? Media guides, programs?

Kyle Kosier Kyle Kosier
eBay offerings include an unsigned photo and a team signed helmet. No cards for the lineman, according to Beckett. Certainly Kosier must be featured in programs, both college and pro. Can anyone help fill in the gaps?


Erik Lorig Erik Lorig
eBay offerings include a team signed ball and helmet (both ~$200), but there are no cards yet for the dual threat full back/tight end, according to Beckett. Do you know if Lorig is featured in any Stanford programs, media guides or yearbooks?


 Taylor MaysTaylor Mays
As a highly-touted rookie out of USC, Mays started his career last year with the 49ers and was traded this season to the Bengals. Among his 2010 cardboard collectibles are issues by Topps (#123), Classics (#193), Prestige (#294) and Score Scoreboard (#394), which sell for a few dollars.

Autograph and memorabilia cards include a 2010 Playoff Contenders (#193), LE 2010 Donruss Elite Turn of The Century (#182), Classics Significant Signatures (#183), and Stars & Rookies (#297). These book for $8-25 on Beckett.

eBay offers a wide range of collectibles, in all price points, including jerseys, signed photos, helmets, etc.


Adam Podlesh Adam Podlesh
Sadly, Beckett offers no cards for the Bears punter. An eBay search shows several photos, including pictures of the punter in both his professional and college uniforms, and a Maryland 'Terps program.

Certainly the 5th year kicker is featured in other media guides, team publications, etc.

Sage Rosenfels Sage Rosenfels
The veteran back-up QB moved out of Brett Favre's shadow an into that of Eli Manning. Will he have another stat-less year, or will Peyton's younger brother prove to be less durable than Minnesota's old man? Will Rosenfels get off the IR list and even have a shot at seeing the field?

For collectors, the answers may not matter. Rosenfels has a slew of cards, dating back to his 2001 rookie campaign.

A Beckett search results in more than 150 different cards. This includes dozens from the major issues, and numerous special inserts, relic cards, etc. Prices range from less than $1 to about $20 for some of the rarest memorabilia cards. A few of my favorites among the memorabilia cards: a limited edition 2001 SPX game-worn jersey autograph card; a LE 2001 SP #114 game-used jersey; and, a 2001 SAGE/Press Pass signed card of Rosenfels in his Iowa State uniform.

On eBay, in addition to his pasteboard, Rosenfels fans can a find game-used jerseys ($500) and lots of other goodies. As always, buyer beware.

Geoff Schwartz Geoff Schwartz
Unfortunately for collectors, Beckett shows no cards for the Panthers o-lineman. eBay offers several team signed footballs ($100-$300) and a mini helmet ($85), but little else. What Schwartz collectibles do you have in your collection? Anything from his college days with the Oregon Ducks?


I'm sure I've missed numerous collectibles in highlighting the offerings above. What can you add to the list? What's your favorite collectible associated with the current Jewish NFL players?


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