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Colt Cabana: The First 'Openly Jewish' Wrestling Champion

Colt Cabana with the NWA Championship Belt According to a recent posting by The Great Rabbino, the latest addition to the short list of Jewish professional wrestling champions is Colt Cabana.

Cabana -- who The Rabbino calls "the first ever openly Jewish NWA Champion" -- joins Goldberg and Macho Man Randy Savage (the "who's Jewish" expert Neil Keller lists Savge as having a Jewish mother) as the sport's other champions.

Unlike Goldberg who has scads of memorabilia, Cabana doesn't get much love outside the ring.

He has no trading cards, action figures, etc. Surely, ephemera -- including programs, ticket stubs, promotional posters, etc. -- must exist from Cabana's long career.

I suspect this dearth of collectibles will change rapidly, however, as NWA marketers look to capitalize on the new champion's status. Banner The best source for Cabana memorabilia is the wrestler's web site.

Among the items for sale is are DVDs, posters, "worker shirts," wrestling masks, pins, photos and a variety of t-shirts. Prices range from $8-$20.

Colt Star Shirt The "I Jewish Star Colt" t-shirt ($20) and pin ($8) are likely to be the items of most interest to collectors seeking an obvious ethnic identity in their memorabilia.

On the open market, a search of Colt Cabana on eBay reveals hundreds of wrestling DVDs featuring the Jewish grappler, but little in the way of additional memorabilia. Ditto on

Entrepreneurial collectors might also be able to find memorabilia associated with the Jewish wrestler during his college football career at Western Michigan University -- where he played under his birth name, Scott Colton.

Cabana Poster Autograph collectors wishing to meet Cabana can find a list of his upcoming appearances on his web site.

Do you collect Jewish wrestling (be sure to check out numerous articles on the subject published on The Great Rabbino)? If so, what Cabana items do you have in your collection? What other Jewish wrestling memorabilia do you have?

On the flip side, do you think, as suggested by Ron Kaplan of Kaplan's Korner, that wrestling even qualifies as a "sport"?

Feel free to post comments below.

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